eBay Main Street – San Jose, CA
A Multi-Touch Wall and coordinated LED Column experience that spotlights the People, Products, and Impact of eBay and makes visible what is currently being sold at eBay and encourages exploration and discovery.

Touchable icons create a mosaic image that relates to a specific item sold. On approaching the wall as a user touches an icon, a dashboard opens up to show the most recent data for the last hour provided by a custom API. When no user is interacting with the wall preview windows automatically open to invite people to explore the content and if someone passes close to the wall, a sensor detects his or her presence and the icons ripple in response.

While working in collaboration with the ESI design team responsibilities included pre-visualization and motion design of all interactive content to then be replicated within code by the software development team.

Media Motion Study

Created at ESI design.

Spark Award Finalist
Main Street on Dexigner
ABC News Grand Opening Celebration