515 North State Street, Chicago, IL – Beacon Capital Partners
A floor to ceiling LED wall anchors the lobby as a contemporary art space, the media displays striking videos of life in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. This full-height LED wall (14 by 23 feet) will function as a media artwork that uses curated content to visually evoke the energy, flow, and feel of the neighborhood. A software system enhances this sense of energy and flow by “painting” the LED canvas in real time, creating a unique media experience that is aesthetically beautiful and always changing.

The LCDs in the elevator bays provide up-to-date local information, such as weather forecasts, trending Twitter topics, and transit alerts. With a transparent LCD mounted in front of wood veneer, the dual-layer design gives the media the magical quality of being able to disappear and reveal only the wood veneer or switch from transparent to black within the media modes.

While working in collaboration with the ESI design team responsibilities included footage selection and post processing, motion design, production and animation of media, integration of media with software partner and on-site installation and adjustment of media with client interaction.

Created at ESI design.