2 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA – Beacon Capital Partners
In the main entry, horizontal LED screens are interspersed among wood veneer wall panels, but function as a single immersive media canvas. Trompe l’oeil wood grain on the screens unexpectedly gives way to animations and videos, ranging from sunsets to rainstorms to underwater scenes to sailboats on the nearby Charles River.

In the corridor from the secondary entry, where the media is more informative, LEDs positioned behind wood veneer display local news, weather, and events, and then magically disappear. A map theme also connects the two spaces, with a 3-D relief map of Cambridge.

While working in collaboration with the ESI design team responsibilities included design of content, motion design, production and animation of media, integration of media with software partner and on-site installation and adjustment of media with client interaction.

Media Motion Study

Created at ESI design.