900 North Michigan Shops, Chicago, Illinois
An iconic anchor of the Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast, 900 North Michigan Shops is an architecturally stunning 465,000-square-foot, seven-level experiential retail destination in the heart of Chicago.
A 190-foot-long digital art installation spanning the ceiling of the seven-level shopping and lifestyle center visible from all floors, and built in 10 sections, the digital installation mimics a giant skylight that connects the complex’s interior to the exterior sky. The ultra-high definition LED canvas features evocative content filmed at 16K resolution with state-of-the-art cameras, making the illusion of rustling trees and the sky above seem hyper real. By creating the feeling of an outdoor space, the installation captivates audiences and inspires them to travel upward through all levels of the building.

While working in collaboration with the ESI design team responsibilities included pre-visualization and shoot supervision for live action media, compositing and overall footage processing, motion design and production of media, integration of media with software partner and on-site installation and adjustment of media..

Behind the scenes

Created at ESI design.